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The Ministry of Employment & Border Control is committed to the country’s national security and public safety, as well as workforce development in the Cayman Islands. The intent of the Ministry is to ensure the Cayman Islands remains a safe and secure place to live, visit and invest, with a globally competitive business market that provides durable employment opportunities for Caymanians.

The Ministry is responsible for providing policy direction and monitoring the overall performance of all departments, and strives to provide effective and efficient services to all who reside in the Cayman Islands. Our mission is to empower our leaders and officers to ensure we deliver a model of excellence in all services for the security and development of the Cayman Islands.

Departments and Sections:

Authorities, Boards & Committees:

  • Business Staffing Plan Board
  • Cayman Brac & Little Cayman Immigration Board
  • Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board (CSPR)
  • Work Permit Board
  • National Pensions Board
  • Labor Tribunals & Labour Appeals Tribunals

Last Updated 2020-10-13